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Targeting a 1mm Tumor Takes a 300-ton Crane

Figure 1 – Proton Beam Gantry Set
Figure 1 – Proton Beam Gantry Set

In the southeast corner of its Royal Oak, Michigan Campus, Beaumont Heath, is constructing the state of the art in cancer treatment. The latest tool is for precise targeting of tumors with a high energy proton beam, Proton Therapy. Utilizing precision positioning equipment, cyclotron particle accelerator and 360° treatment gantry (seen in photos), the IBA Proteus ONE delivers a beam of protons to within one millimeter of the tumor, thereby concentrating power on the tumor while saving health adjacent tissue.

Figure 2 - Gantry Rigging
Figure 2 – Gantry Rigging

This ultra-precise equipment requires ultra-precise fabrication. Kasco’s project management team, including Scott Davis, Senior Project Manager, diligently constructed the structure and systems to support this state of the art, cutting edge equipment.

Rigging the gantry into place is only one of the hundreds of closely monitored and highly accurate tasks on the way to completing this revolutionary project. Following the gantry will be the remaining cyclotron, beam selector and numerous other components. Each with its own unique challenges.

Today, the project team placed the future of cancer treatment on solid footing.

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