Healthcare is our primary focus, comprising over 80% of our annual work. Our experience and services cover the entire range of healthcare construction needs, from small exam reconfigurations, new construction, major expansion and renovations. We have successfully completed projects including:

  • Long Term Patient Care
  • Radiation Oncology, Linear Accelerators, Proton Therapy
  • Imaging, MRI, Ct / PET Scan
  • ICU, Surgical ICU, Critical Care, NICU
  • Emergency Department
  • Procure and General Exam
  • Administrative, Office, Intrastate and Site Development

Down time, interference with operations and the safety of staff and patient make Healthcare construction a matter of life and death. Infectious Disease Control is a major factor in successfully managing Healthcare Construction. At Kasco, we initiate, coordinate and follow through on all aspects of ICRA and ILSM including:

  • Ventilation Controls
  • Zoning, Partitioning and Isolations
  • Fire Suppression and Fire Safety Concerns
  • Alarm Monitoring and Notifications
  • Coordination with Staff, Facilities Management / Engineering and local and state jurisdiction having authority

Planning, logistics and experience enable Kasco to plan and work around these challenges. Some of major healthcare clients include:

  • Beaumont Health
  • Henry Ford Health System
  • University of Michigan Health System
  • Oakwood Health System
  • Ascension Health
  • Trinity Health System
  • Henry Ford Health System Williams Cancer Center
  • Trinity Health Woodland Cancer Center, Radiation Oncolgy Center
  • University of Michigan Emergency Department Expansion and Renovation
  • Beaumont Hospital Medical Office Building and Ambulatory Surgery Center
  • Beaumont Hospital Proton Therapy Center