Safety First

safety walkerThere are no shortcuts when it comes to safety. We have zero tolerance for any unsafe conditions or acts. Kasco’s Safety Director, Scott Davis, has developed a very detailed manual and instituted strict procedures to ensure safety on all projects. All of our employees participate in Kasco’s mandatory comprehensive safety program. Additionally, Kasco requires all of our Project Superintendent and Projects Managers to have at a minimum 30 Hour MIOSHA Safety Training, and all onsite subcontractors always work with one of these trained representatives.

Accardo SafetyOur safety program includes daily, weekly, and monthly checkpoints. On a daily basis, the Superintendent will vigilantly patrol the project site to ensure it complies with all Kasco, local, state, and federal safety guidelines.

In addition to the daily safety reviews, the project management team will conduct weekly inspections and a Kasco Vice President and Safety Director will conduct and report on monthly inspections.

Our internal weekly safety meetings include training with specialists in hazardous or contaminated material identification and handling. On an ongoing basis we send Project Superintendents to AGC and MIOSHA safety training courses and to receive hands-on training and certification for common industry equipment.

Our current EMR rating of .68 is a direct indication that safety is a top priority at Kasco for all employees.

For more detail on our safety policy, contact Scott directly at