fm-approval-2Kasco has a continuing commitment to quality. As such, we have developed KASCO FIRESTOP, an FM GLOBAL approved and HILTI Certified Firestop Specialty Contractor. Our self-perform firestop group has extensive experience and can resolve firestop issues as they arise. We can also provide inspection and survey services.

FM 4991 Firestop Contractor – Factory Mutual has audited and approved of Kasco’s practices and documentation.

Complete Barrier Management – Kasco can provide turnkey service to survey, repair, and document and maintain facility barriers.

Coordination – Kasco can coordinate with the multiple authorities having jurisdiction, facility managers, life safety consultants, product manufacturers, architects, engineers and administrators to ensure the program accomplishes its goals.

Full Range of Service – Kasco can complete all the necessary components of a successful Barrier Management Program:

  • Survey and repair barriers
  • Produce and revise Life Safety documents
  • Inspect and repair dampers & openings
  • Issue and update Plans for Improvement (PFI)

Self-Performance – With its in-house staff, Kasco can survey, repair, document and maintain.  We employ firestop installers, carpenters, tapers, laborers, CAD operators, masons and plasterers.

Tested Systems – Our web-based system is linked to UL, FM, Hilti and Specified Technologies so we can always provide web-based access to the most current tested systems.

FM Designated Responsible Individual – Kasco employs three DRI’s who are resources to problem solve deficient conditions, maintain quality within our program, inspect installation, assign tested systems and equivalencies and manufacture engineering judgments.

Interactive Plans – Kasco’s interactive floor plans allow for immediate access to penetration photos and specifics from a floor plan.