Design / Build

Why Kasco Design / Build

Design Build is for clients that need a single point accountability for quality and cost controls. For fast-track projects and projects that require a single point design and construction accountability, clients need an integrated Design / Build Team. The need for a single point accountability arises from the fact that clients have limited resources and technical skills to manage both the design and construction process. Clients require experienced veterans to control schedule, specifications and costs.

Features of Kasco Design / Build

Kasco Design / Build Services enable clients to understand, analyze, and evaluate costs, quality and schedule impacts early in the design process. The team will be led by one of Kasco’s Senior Project Managers with Design / Build Experience. We collaborate with local and nationwide architects, designers, and engineers to assemble a Design / Build Team with proven relevant experience for the project conditions. All decisions and directions are facilitated through Kasco’s Single Point Management.

Benefits of Kasco Design / Build

Kasco Design / Build provides a single point technical accountability and simplifies the management of design and construction professionals. Simplified management solutions improve decision making and final performance quality.